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UN NGOs with CEDAW committee members and Ferdous Ara in Geneva


  Ferdous Ara Begum with her husband in Switzerland.
CEDAW Committee members at the French Parliament.


  Ferdous Ara Begum with her family members attended graduation ceremony of her younger son.
Ferdous Ara Begum with UN CEDAW Committee members in Geneva.


  Ferdous Ara Begum with UN CEDAW Committee members in China.
Ferdous Ara Begum calls on the Hon. President of Bangladesh after her election as member of UN CEDAW Committee in 2006.


  With Nobel Laureate Dr. Muhammad Yunus on flight to Oslo, Norway, to attend the Nobel Prize Awards festivities.
In Geneva with a fellow CEDAW Committee Member, October 2007


  With HRH Queen of Norway at a Banquet in Honor of Dr. Muhammad Yunus in Oslo. December 2006.
With Dr. Muhammad Yunus and other board members of Grameen Bank in Oslo during the Nobel Prize Awards festivities in December 2006.


   Grameen delegation at Oslo City Hall during  CNN Interview of  Dr. Yunus during the Nobel Prize Awards festivities in December 2006.
With actress Angelica Huston at a Banquet in honor of Dr Yunus in Oslo during the Nobel Prize Awards festivities in December 2006.


  With actress Sharon Stone in Oslo during the Nobel Prize Awards festivities in December 2006.
With South Asian women leaders in Pakistan. April 2007.


  With UN CEDAW Committee Members in Geneva. October 2007.
With Mr. David Barlow of BBC at Maputo, Mozambique at PBI meeting in 2006.


  With UN CEDAW Committee Members at UN Headquarters in NY. July 2007.
With Mr. Ted Turner and Dr. Nafis Sadik after UN Foundation Meeting in Dhaka in 2006.


  Presenting keynote paper at a seminar on  Implementation Status of CEDAW in Bangladesh. Dhaka September 2007.
With Nobel Peace Committee President in Oslo during the Nobel Prize Awards festivities in December 2006.


  Chairing a meeting on CEDAW, organized by Common Wealth Secretariat in Dhaka in 2007.

Presenting paper at a seminar on HIV and Sex Work at Rio  De Janeiro, Brazil in 2006.


  In Maputo after PBI Conference. 2007.
Participating as a panelist  at the  Women and Children The Human Rights Relationship Conference in  Bangkok, Thailand. 9-10 December, 2007.


  Grameen delegation with HRH Queen  Sophia of Spain at at Oslo City Hall during the Nobel Prize Awards festivities in December 2006.
Ferdous Ara in a WID policy meeting, Bangladesh   Receiving Crest from the Honorable Prime Minister of Bangladesh 2003
Regional conference on CEDAW in Sri Lanka, 2002   Conference on Maternal and Child nutrition, New Delhi, 2003
Ferdous Ara with Queen Sophia of Spain and Professor Dr. Muhammad Yunus at Grameen Bank,2005.   Ferdous Ara and Professor Dr. Muhammad Yunus attending a Grameen Bank meeting at Jobra Village,2005.
Ferdous Ara with Mr. Morten Giersing and Dr. Kamal Siddique in the CRC meeting, Geneva   Ferdous Ara at the Beijing +10 Conference, UN
With the Honorable President of India at a reception in New Delhi   Conference on HIV AIDS Prevention in Bangladesh
               PIB conference Oslo, 2005   BBC World Service Director Mr. Phil Harding at the PIB conference Oslo,2005
Sisimpur launching ceremony Bangladesh,2005   Conference on Combating human trafficking,IOM
Conference on the human rights challenges of globalization, Honolulu, Hawaii, November 2002      Global Summit on women in Morocco, 2003
British Council Seminar in Belfast Northern Ireland   Participants on consultative meeting on trafficking at Blatislava, Slovakia
              Asia Media Summit 2005   Participants of UNFPA Seminar at Slovakia
Friends at a consultative seminar to review regional implementation of the Beijing, Bangkok, Thailand   South Asia regional coordinating mechanism (RCM) meeting on  migration, mobility and HIV AIDS in New Delhi, India
   Counter Trafficking thematic group, IOM                    Beijing +5 at UN 2000
         ADB regional conference at Manila                      Beijing +5 at UN 2000
Ferdous Ara at a Children's program, Dhaka   UN rapporteur on trafficking Barrister Sigma Huda and Ferdous Ara in a meeting on violence against woman
              Asia meeting summit 2005   South Asia regional Conference New Delhi
Ferdous Ara speaking on combating trafficking at a conference in Slovakia   Regional Conference on violence against women, Pakistan 2006
Conference on child migrants in New Onleans 2002                          Family Photo
Road march launching ceremony on violence against women   Conference on dowry related issues 2005
Ferdous Ara,  speaking on dowry related issues, Chittagong, Bangladesh


  Friends in a discussion meeting on Integrating Socio-Economic Approach Towards Combating, Trafficking, Manila, Philippines
Ferdous Ara visiting central jail in Bangladesh   Jon Fredrik Baksaas, President and CEO of Telenor and Ferdous Ara in Norway 2005
Ferdous Ara Begum at her office at the Ministry of women and children affairs, 2004   Mr. Per Ditlev-Simonsen, Mayor of Oslo city , Mr. John G-Bernander, Editor-in-chief and CEO of Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation and Ferdous Ara at PIB conference 2005
            Global woman summit at Seul          Gloabal woman summit at Morocco
Ferdous Ara receiving crest from Nari Kantho Foundation, Bangladesh   Ferdous Ara Receiving certificate on gender issues Netherland
Thematic group meeting at IOM, Bangladesh                        UN Summit
   Conference on child migration New Orleans             UN Foundation with Grameen Bank

Ferdous Ara at a briefing session  with  diplomats February, 2006

  Honorable Foreign Secretary Mr. Hemaet Uddin at briefing session 2006
               Briefing session (1)                      Briefing session (2)
Honorable Minister for Women and Children Affairs Ms. Khurshid Jahan Haque MP


            Anti trafficking video film festival
Hilary Clinton at the UN session on progress of World Women


  Honorable Minister Ms. Khurshid Jahan Hoque MP and H.E. Ambassador, Mr. Iftekher Ahmed Chowdhury  at the CEDAW committee meeting, UN 2005
Study tour to France on Child Ombudsmen   Regional Conference on violence against Women in Pakistan 2005
Regional Conference on combating trafficking,  Pakistan 2006 (1)



  Regional Conference on combating trafficking,  Pakistan 2006 (2)



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